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The New BC Roadside Naturalist

New Roadside cover2A Guide to Nature along B.C. Highways

Driving along a highway in British Columbia, have you ever wondered what kind of birds those are nesting in the trees by the side of the road or why trees in some places are covered with lichens while those in other areas are not?  This authoritative and engaging guide offers a treasure trove of information about the landforms, vegetation and animal life along the major highways of British Columbia.  In addition, the book offers suggestions for where to stop and look for crayfish, enjoy a swim in summer or have a picnic lunch during your travels. An appendix provides a brief field guide of tree silhouettes and hints for identifying trees and shrubs. With this book in your glove compartment, you’ll discover a whole new dimension to taking a car trip.  This revised edition covers all the major highways of British Columbia and the southern Yukon.

Retail price CDN$23.95

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  1. Aydan Coray permalink
    August 30, 2021 10:27 am

    Richard and Sydney, this is one of my favourite books I’ve owned. I bought it as a momento of my university tour of UBC in Vancouver in 2016, and though I didn’t end up attending, I did enroll in the Natural Resource Science program at TRU instead. As I travelled around the interior of BC for summer jobs, trips with friends, and field trips with my program, I loved referring to this book to learn more about the area around me.

    Unfortunately, I lent this book to a friend in 2019 and didn’t get it back before she moved to another province, and she no longer knows where it is. I didn’t worry too much about this, but now that I’ve gone to repurchase, I have had seldom luck in finding a copy that isn’t highly priced. Is this version no longer in print? If you know where I could repurchase, preferably in Kamloops/Kelowna area but I am willing to shop elsewhere, I would really love another copy. I’ve recommended this book to friends and family, and I would love to know where they could also find it.

  2. October 27, 2021 8:05 pm

    I know the Book Shop in Penticton (242 Main St; Phone: (250) 492-6661) had one or two copies last time I checked. Good luck!

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