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Birds of the Okanagan Valley

by Robert A. Cannings, Richard J. Cannings and Sydney G. Cannings.  Royal British Columbia Museum 1987.

The Okanagan Valley lies in southern British Columbia like the neck of an hourglass between the immense boreal forests to the north and the arid plateaus of the Great Basin to the south.  This strategic location, along with the diversity of local habitats–from lush marshes and dry grasslands in the valley bottom to the cold spruce forests and alpine tundra on the ridges–has produced a bird fauna of unusual richness.  For almost a century the Okanagan has been a focal point of Canadian ornithology.  Seldom does a regional bird book appear with the scope and detailed analysis of this volume.  It is a biology of the 307 species of birds known from the Okanagan, and includes chapters outlining the physical and biological environment for birds and the historical changes that have affected them.  Species accounts detail seasonal status, habitat preferences, migration patterns, breeding biology and feeding habits.

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